Advantages of Apvendi

These are the top 10 advantages of Apvendi

1. Lower price than competition

You can enjoy from an always free plan, or very cheap premium plans depending on the size of your business.

2. We do not retain your money

We are not payment intermediaries, you can agree on the payment method directly with your customers and dispose of your money every day in cash or in your own accounts.

3. Free for 1 month, no upfront costs

In addition to the free plan, all our premium plans have 1 month of free use without any contractual commitment. Try for 1 month and if you like the service provided pay month by month and cancel whenever you want.

4. No commissions per sale

Don't be affected by high commission income, use our free plan or pay a fixed plan and avoid commission deductions on every sale.

5. Orders by WhatsApp

You do not have to hire special chat systems, use the usual WhatsApp but receive your orders in an orderly and calculated way, avoiding repetitive questions about your products.

6. Customize your store

Configure logos, colors, categories, products, schedules, social networks, payment methods, among many other parameters, to your liking.

7. Easy notification to delivery

Use the delivery company of your choice, add shipping cost and communicate by WhatsApp the collection and delivery data with the press of a button.

8. Multi-local support

Easily aggregate all your locations, manage the status of your products in each location, and assign employee access to each location separately.

9. QR Generation

You can generate your online store's QR directly in the app, download, share or print wherever you want for your customers to easily access from anywhere.

10. Simple statistics

We don't pretend to be an advanced accounting system that's hard to handle, just look at your visits, sales, and produced daily in the last month.

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